There are people in this world who take life much too seriously.  The latest example of this took place in Hondo, Texas, in April of this year where a Little League coach has been charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly “mooning” his baseball team. 


It is about the team photo.  Those of you who have Little League experience one way or the other, know that the team photo is a yearly tradition.  On April 8, Coach Bob Ross’ team was due to have its picture taken.  The team consisted of children ages ten to twelve. 


Now, I realize there are a number of ways to get people to smile for the camera; I’ve never quite understood why just about every photographer I’ve run into has asked me to “say cheese.”  I mean, what does cheese have to do with smiling unless you are a mouse and this is your payday.  Every once in a while, I’ll find a photographer who will just say, “smile,” and to me that makes more sense.  It has nothing to do with cheese, and he’s asking me to do something to increase the quality of the picture.


In this case, Coach Ross decided to really loosen his team up, and he proceeded to pull his pants partially down, asking his kids if, ”you want to see my better half?”  This was too much for Natasha Delk, the mother of a Little Leaguer who filed a police report in Medina County and had Coach Ross arrested for disorderly conduct.  According to Ms. Delk, Coach Ross’ actions were “repulsive.”  According to Ms. Delk when the alleged mooning took place, Coach Ross took his six foot five inch, two hundred sixty pound frame, turned his back to the kids, and, according to Ms. Delk, “you could see approximately four inches of his posterior.”  Ms. Delk views this as a crime and something that should be punished. 


Coach Ross, in his defense, indicated that he received no other complaints, and he did not actually moon his students.  Coach Ross indicates that he didn’t bend over, and that he took his pants down approximately two inches.  He indicated that it was a joke.


So what do we have here now?  Repulsive?  Well, it doesn’t sould like a pretty picture but, a crime?  No!  Get a life, Ms. Delk.  Yes, the Coach may be a bit of a fool and he may well have acted in poor taste; however, whether he did moon the children to get them to smile for their photo, or whether, in fact, his description is correct (which sounds more like a half-moon to me), this should not be in court.  Talk about a waste of funds and time and paper.  I guess I’ll never understand people like Natasha Delk and frankly I’m not in any hurry to do so.  Why does every less than tasteful act or statement have to end up as a criminal prosecution?  Can you imagine a jury trial in which a team of youthful baseball players have to take turns testifying as to whether or not Coach Ross’ pants came down by two inches, four inches, or somewhere in between?  Does Ms. Delk really want to put the children through that?  Does the Hondo prosecutor really want to devote resources to this case?


As it is, Coach Ross is now former Coach Ross.  Hondo has a grand total of 7,000 residents.  He had been coaching for five years, and he decided to step down so that the League would not have to endure further embarrassment. 


Hopefully, Natasha Delk will now back off.  Ms. Delk, find something better to do than over-react to a poor judgement made by a well-meaning Little League coach.  Yes, the now former Coach Ross did something silly; however, it would have been over and done by now, and somehow I don’t think the kids would have been exactly traumatized.  Now it has become a big deal. 


If I were given the option of going out to dinner with Ms. Delk or with former Coach Ross, while neither prospect excites me particularly, Coach Ross would get the nod.  Of course, he would have to agree to wear his suspenders!