On an unrelated note, I have a Afeel good@ story that I would like to share.  Recently my wife received a knock at the door one morning after I had left for court.  The knock was from our gardener, Ray Mateo.  Ray had found some money in the our driveway including some large bills which I had apparently knocked out of my pocket when taking out the cell phone as I was getting into my car.  It will take Mr. Mateo several months to earn from me that which he could have pocketed had he not chosen to do the right thing and return the money.  I already knew he was a superb gardener, however, I got to find out that he is also an honest and admirable human being.  I subsequently sent him a reward totaling approximately 20% of what he could have kept if he was not the type of man that he is.  It is nice to get to know someone who will sleep well each and every night because he does the right thing on a daily basis.  If any of you are interested in his gardening skills, Ray can be reached at (626) 398-1697.